How it started

My name is Victor and I am the founder of Sipetualang which in English called “The Wanderer” or “The Adventurer”.

The Problem

Tourism is a strong economic driver and a source of income for many people around the world. Nevertheless, most of the wealth does not reach people on the ground. Travel trend reports told the same story. Today’s travelers are increasingly seeking more their personal authentic of travel options.

The Solution was born when we traveled to several places in Indonesia. Along the way, we met many friendly local people and they were ready to help us if we found any problems. They do it sincerely without thinking about getting a reward.
From here we are moved to help them get additional income by utilizing what they have to help the travelers. This is an opportunity for us to be able to introduce a new concept of tourism to people out there, not just traveling but you also get different experiences and provide a social impact for local people. I believed that connecting locals and travelers directly would have a transformational power and they are now empowered to earn money and benefit from the travelers in their region.