What is Sipetualang.id

Si Petualang Indonesia is a travel social enterprise that create an authentic and responsible traveling experience by connecting traveler and local people in Asia especially in Indonesia

Our Mission

Sipetualang.id is set up with a clear vision and three main principles. These principles are:

  • Connect : We strive to bridge the social and cultural gaps in the tourism industry. Bringing together locals who don’t have access to this industry with travelers who want different personal authentic travel options
  • Engage : Introduce a new concept of tourism to people out there, not just traveling but you also get different experiences and provide a social impact for local people.
  • Empower : Tourism is a strong economic driver and a source of income for many people around the world. I believed that connecting locals and travelers directly would have a transformational power and empowering them to earn money and benefit from the travelers in their region.

In some cases, it is not possible to work directly with individual locals as not all of them speak English. In those cases, we work with local NGO’s running community based tourism projects that help poor communities getting additional income or we work with small local travel agencies who are supporting local communities by offering them jobs, providing them a certain percentage of their profit, training them and/or are focusing on environmentally friendly solutions. They are all picked with the greatest care to protect our principles.